A Whole New World!

Join us on a magic carpet ride as we escape away from our daily duties to focus on and fall in love with the sexy, yet classy looks modeled by Aladdin’s intriguingly alluring princess Jasmine in part three of our Disney princess inspired looks!

This princess is full of pizzazz, spice, and beauty all mixed into one! She is both beautiful and adventurous, which are two things we absolutely LOVE in a dress!

To capture the majestic looks she rocks you have many options, one of them being a classy, yet sassy, dual piece! Whether it is a separate top with a detached skirt, or a jumper with an attachable cover-up; feel free to show a little skin, (tastefully, of course!)

Now, this is the type of girl that likes to keep it simple but also change it up… with color! She sports a classic look in aqua, purple, and even a vixen red! By using any of these colors as a base you can begin to create your perfect Jasmine inspired look!

One other very important factor in this Arabian princess’s wardrobe is that she almost always appears with a head piece and the most elegant jewelry, so feel free to accessorize and don’t be afraid to rock some extra bling!

 Stop by today or call to make an appointment and visit with one of our erudite consultants to help you try on and let your heart decide which dress is equal parts of princess Jasmine and you!

Posted on November 13, 2013 and filed under Prom.