Under The Sea!

“Such wonderful things around you, what more is you looking for?” Sebastian, (The Little Mermaid)

 You definitely don’t have to be a red head to rock this little mermaid’s wonderful under-the-sea look in part two of our Disney princess inspired styles! (Although, it is never a bad accessory!)

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about portraying Ariel’s style is shape! Mermaid fitted style dresses are perfect for giving off the ‘mermaid’ vibe!

Whether the traditional sweetheart style or a more modernized off the shoulder look, you will be sure to look and feel like a mermaid princess just by adding texture to the skirt like ruffles, sequins, or even shiny scale like accents. 

Even a cocktail length dress can swim past the competition with this princess’s fashion! Just like with the floor length gowns, by adding a little super flashy yet fish-worthy texture to the skirt or by having that signature sweetheart neckline!

Another awesome way to rock the ocean floor trend is by appearing in the sea’s true colors! From an aquamarine to a dark, dark green, a turquoise blue to a periwinkle hue, to even a traditional sea foam green; color, color, color!!!

Last but certainly not least is Ariel’s pink dress! Take a beautifully made light pink gown, add some gloves and a sparkling tiara, and it could be just what you need to rock this Little Mermaid princess inspired look! Stop by or call today to have one of our consultants help you find the dress that will be part of your world this season!